Where Can a Diploma in Marketing Take You?

Marketing is one of the most dynamic and responsive industries in the world. As brands fight to find new and innovative ways to engage with their audiences and differentiate themselves from competitors, new trends emerge at lighting speed. This means that it is easy to fall behind, but this opportunity also provides the perfect place for innovative thinkers to make an impact.

Unlike most other roles and qualifications which are highly specialised to service one role of the organisation, marketing filters through to every department, from the sales team through to the sign on the front door.

Are you a creative thinker who is in touch with the rapidly changing world around you? Wish you could get paid for using Instagram and Twitter? A lucrative career in marketing could be the right choice for you.  

But there is more to marketing than simply posting on social media, let’s take a look at some of the roles you can fulfil with a National Diploma in Marketing Management from IBTC.



Are you a master communicator with a love for language? Copywriters are entrusted with developing text that resonates with clients’ and ultimately gets them to take action by purchasing from the organisation. The text you see on a business’s website or in their brochure didn’t get there by accident. It was crafted by a skilled copywriter with the aim of making you feel a specific way.

Social Media Manager

Love Instagram? Are you a social media native? Marketing provides the perfect platform to turn these skills in to an exciting career. Social Media Managers are in charge of developing a clear plan which the brands social media accounts must follow. This includes topics for posting, when and where to post content, and engaging with followers when they comment on posts and via direct messages.

Ten years ago, Twitter was reserved for high school students looking for a place to share memes and discuss popular topics. Now, newsfeeds are filled with brands joining in on these dynamic, real conversations. Businesses are no longer only sellers, but rather brands with unique personalities, and these personalities are carefully developed and curated by a marketing team with specific goals in mind. Social Media provides the perfect platform to engage directly with the customer and SM Managers are the facilitators of these conversations.

Brand Manager

Think of them as the ‘Brand Police’. Consistency is a key factor to establishing an effective brand, and Brand Managers are there to ensure every part of the organisation is adhering the brand guidelines set forth by top level management. Another aspect of their job is to make sure that the overall brand strategy is adapted to perfectly meet the needs and expectations of their target audience. Brand managers are creative, and detail orientated, with an eye for what works and what doesn’t.

Marketing Manager

After earning your stripes in one of these positions, you will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a Marketing Manager. They are in charge of the marketing department and set the vision which guides the actions of entire marketing team, from the Brand Manager all the way down to the Marketing Intern. They require a creative and strategic mindset, with a deep understanding of all aspects of the organisation and how they function. Marketing managers are strong communicators, with the ability to lead and motivate a team.


Marketing is constantly evolving. The description and duties of these positions, and the many other roles available to a marketing graduate are not set in stone. If you are someone who is highly adaptable and likes the idea of two days never being quite the same, then a career in marketing could be the perfect fit for you.

Enrol for a National Diploma in Marketing Management with IBTC. We offer supported distance learning – this means our dedicated Course Monitor will walk the road with you and encourage you throughout your studies. You will also have access to IBTC tutors, who are subject-experts and there to help you if you get stuck.

Start at any time and set your own pace. We will send you all the study material, study aids, planning tools and assessments you need to prepare for your final exam and to generate a semester mark.

Enrol today, 2020 can still be your year!

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