CIMA’s Finance Leadership Programme (FLP) presents a new way for students to complete their studies and earn their CGMA designation. FLP covers the exact same syllabus as CIMA’s Professional Qualification and you will still earn the relevant certificates upon completion of each level. The big, exciting change comes in with how you progress through the course.


Bye Bye Objective Tests

With FLP, students are no longer required to write 3 Objective Tests per level. Instead, Continuous Assessments takes place alongside your learning and revision through each competency. Bite sized chunks of content are assessed as you work through the skill sets, and students can quickly test out of sections they are already familiar with. 

Once you have completed all of the competencies in the level, you will be eligible to write the Case Study Exam. Passing this will grant you access to the next level in the CIMA qualification. 


How Does It Work?

This all takes place on one comprehensive Online Learning Platform. The FLP portal contains all of your study material, tutor videos, interactive exercises, business simulation assignments and mock exams. It also tracks all of your progress so you will know exactly where you are in the course at any given point. 

It is fully self-paced, with a fully customisable study plan, giving you the freedom to study where and when you see fit.


What About The Fees?

Subscriptions can be purchased for 1, 2 or 3 years at a time, and it’s up to you to decide how much progress to make in that subscription period. With FLP, it is more than possible for a student to complete the entire CIMA Qualification with a 2 Year Subscription.

FLP subscriptions include your registration and exam fees. You are also eligible for 1 free Case study rewrite per level. 

Find out more on our FLP Registration Page or watch our FLP explainer video on YouTube.