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Why IBTC prefers BPP: We do not follow the crowd, we follow the results


Are students getting caught up in the long-standing battle between BPP and Kaplan to win the title of 'official supplier' of CIMA study material?  Endorsements by big corporates stem from an era when consumers needed a trusted party to vouch for the quality of a products or service. In today's digitally-connected consumer-driven world we have user reviews, public ratings and access to data and stats to inform our decisions (think of AirBNB ratings that have replaced star ratings given by a body like the AAA). Shouldn't we have a healthy skepticism of 'big brother endorsements when these could be politically or economically motivated? Shouldn't we let the community and the data do the talking. Does the title of official supplier really matter when we have pass rate data and user reviews to inform our decisions?
We care about a pass that’s it

Our singular focus at IBTC is to get you to pass your exam. Once you've signed up with us, we believe we owe you that pass. We take that responsibility very seriously and we've aligned our whole business behind it: 1. preparing you for your exam, 2. driving you towards your exam and 3. delivering your pass. In short, WE COUNT PASSES. So, we have selected our choice of publisher with great care.
From pedagogy to pass
IBTC's academic team has evaluated material from different publishers from the perspective of pedagogy (science of learning) and exam success. We were looking for material that suited our South African environment and South African students. It needed to suit hard-working, dedicated students who juggle a lot of balls and are pressed for time. The material needed to be concise, contextual, exam-focused. It had to integrate theory and practice, be reflective, be participatory and be learner-focused. In the end, we picked BPP from a purely pedagogic perspective. We picked it because it was easy to follow, to-the-point, never more than you needed to prepare for the exam, and it had a great building-block approach to developing exam readiness. The unexpected bonus for us is that it resulted in great pass rates. Students had to study less and passed with higher marks. Our pass rate data confirmed our pedagogic findings - it's just easier for our students to pass with BPP resources.
Official or functional?
At IBTC we are not scared to be maverick - to go against the grain and to be different. We are 100% convinced that BPP materials and online resources deliver better results for our students and we have the local and global pass rates to prove it. A quick look at P1 and P2 results on BPP's online programme revealed a 90.6% and 79.6% pass rate globally. No officially endorsed title is going to measure up to real exam results.


We made the decision based on 40 years of experience, historic pass rate data and our local expertise. Make your own decision. In the end, do what's right for you.

Every pass counts
The one true measure at IBTC is our pass rates. We stand and fall by our ability to make our students pass first time.

CIMA online classes start 03 March
We can get you ready just in time for the June exam week. CIMA online classes start monthly.  Please give Robert a call on 0861 111 411 or send an email to to find out what support we can give you during your exam preparation period.