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Making the most of your study time

As we near exam time most of us will be trying to squeeze in as much study time as possible.

Some of us may have taken study leave or are promising to study 'the whole weekend' ...either way you do it, the idea is the same; to try and dedicate time to studying.

Only one problem with that plan. Distraction.

And if Allan Gray has taught us anything, it is that "distraction is the enemy".


Our solution?

Study away from distraction with (or without) like minded students at our offices.

We'll provide you with everything you need to study [distraction free] with or without other students. So whether you want to work in a group or study solo we'll give you as much or as little space as you need to really focus on getting through your final weeks of studying.

Tea and coffee is on us to keep your energy up throughout the day.

Any biscuits? Well of course - what kind of people would we be if we didnt offer you something sweet to eat! 

So regardless of what you are studying, if you want to come though to study please get in touch via email or give us a call on 0861 111 411. 

Do you need to be an IBTC student? No. All students welcome so please tell your friends.

On-site lecturers

We'd also love to find out what subjects you are studying for so we can see if we can arrange on-site lecturers to come through. You will then have an opportunity to chat to them about any queries or areas you're struggling with.

Who to contact:

Send us an email and let us know when you would like to come through and what subjects you are studying for. We will see if we can arrange some on-site tutors to come through and help you out.

Cape Town:

Map and directions available here for those of you who haven't been to our Cape Town or Sandton campuses yet.


We have dedicated days available for the upcoming exams below. We open our doors at 9am and will let you stay until 5pm.
Monday, 5 May
Tuesday, 6 May
Wednesday, 7 May (Public Holiday - Voting Day. Only open in Sandton)
Thursday, 8 May
Friday, 9 May
Monday, 12 May 
Tuesday, 13 May
Wednesday, 14 May
Thursday, 15 May
Friday, 16 May
If you would like to stay later please check with Monique or Steven about our classroom availability.