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SAICA to CIMA Pathway


SAICA members can enter the CIMA qualification at strategic level and have to sit the Strategic Case Study Exam. Depending on the member’s level of experience, you may also need to pass the E3 exam (strategic management). 

CIMA members (CGMAs) have to pass the ITC exam and may need to do further SAICA-approved training, depending on the member’s level of experience. 
Read here to see how you qualify. (link)
To find out more, contact CIMA (South Africa) at 011 788 8723 or IBTC at 0861 111 411 or email
Who’s who?
Accounting associations
AICPA – American Institute of Chartered Public Accountants (a professional association for certified public accountants with more than 418,000 members) in more than 143 countries)
CIMA – Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (a professional association for accountants in the UK with more than 227,000 members in over 179 countries)
SAICA – South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (a professional accountancy body in South Africa with 36,000 members in South Africa).
AICPA members can use the CGMA designation.
CIMA members can use the CGMA designation.
SAICA members can use the CA(SA) designation.
Johan Fourie argues that an Accounting degree should not be the default option for most of South Africa’s brightest kids. Read this article on SAICA accountants and academic freedom here. This is an interesting read for parents who are re-evaluating the standing of degrees in favour of globally-recognised professional qualifications such as CIMA, as well as students who wish to pursue the CA(SA) qualification, but wish to skip the degree-and-articles route. No longer is a university degree the only option to obtain the CA(SA) qualification.