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Four reasons why you should study ICB

Starting a career in Accounting will never be a bad choice. It is one of the most lucrative and growing industries providing you with the opportunity to work within almost any sector of business. However, Accounting is a broad industry and choosing the best career path for you is key.
Here are four reasons why you should study ICB.
You will grow your career to new heights
Bookkeeping is a career that is constantly evolving with new jobs and skills being added in the field. This means there is a great number of jobs in the market and studying ICB will afford you the opportunity to grow in your skills and land your dream job!
According to ICB '' The bookkeeping field is constantly growing…The noble bookkeeper does everything from maintaining financial records, problem solving to taking on the role of trusted financial advisor. And it can be lucrative!" 
However, to tap into this field you need the right skills and a recognised qualification.
Stay ahead of your peers - study and work at the same time
The ICB course is done part-time through IBTC. This allows you to build a career and stay ahead of your peers while you study. It important to understand the business from all sides and working and studying gives you the knowledge you need to do just that. It exposes you to different scenarios where you can apply what you’re learning.
"You may have built up plenty of experience in one side of business, only to realise that you are notably lacking in another side. A course that is designed to give a broad, encompassing overview of ALL sides of business will allow you to gain the understanding you need to get where you want to go." says ICB.
You get a certificate for each level you complete
Each of the ICB programmes is broken up into 3 - 4 levels and you receive a certificate for each level. This means you do not need to finish the whole qualification to have a recognised certificate, which you can use as proof of your skills. With ICB no studying is ever wasted.
It is recognised by global qualifications like ACCA and CIMA
ICB opens the door to other qualifications like ACCA and CIMA. Your ICB qualification will count towards both and ACCA, thus allowing you to obtain certain exemptions and, as a result, qualify quicker.  

At IBTC we are so confident that you’ll pass first time that you can come back for free if you don’t. Contact us today, we’d love to hear from you! For more information email Robert at or call him on 0861 111 411 or visit our website at