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It is official! Our online students have now surpassed our classroom students

Did you know?
The reason why E-learning is growing at such a high rate is because it offers a convenience that face-to-face classes cannot, interaction that you won't find in home study and pass rates that are hard to match.
Demand for online classes keeps growing
Everything seems to have moved online. We now shop online, bank online, create communities online and interact with family and friends online. We virtually live in two worlds; an online or digital world where we can do almost anything in the comfort of our own homes and the real world which requires a little more from us than the use of our thumbs.
This coincides with the shift from face-to-face classes to online classes. More and more colleges are offering online classes as a primary study option to meet the increasing demand for flexible online training.  
Not only do online classes provide better exam results, but they are also very convenient especially in a modern and fast-paced world where the average person has very limited time to devote to all their responsibilities.
"Online studying is ideal if you have a busy lifestyle and you have a lot of other responsibilities. That's because online courses often enable flexible study hours. Instead of having set dates on which you come to class, you can access the recorded classes online at a time that's convenient to you," said Panashe Muzofa, Online Access and Exam Co-ordinator at IBTC.
Other benefits you'll enjoy is that you can pause and rewind lectures and revisit concepts you don't understand. With unlimited access to your online study portal, you can also move at your own pace. It enables you to move at a faster pace than your traditional once-a-week class, enabling you to finish your course much faster. Or you can take it a slower pace, because you are not restricted by the pace of the group.
The truth is that online learning can be better than face-to-face classes as they offer students a multi-dimensional approach to learning.  This means you'll get different approaches to learning, which has proven to contribute greatly towards higher pass rates, explaining why our online students often outperform classroom-based students in exams.
Be exam ready in 6 -8 weeks with IBTC online classes
Following a structured study online programme can get you ready to write and pass your exam in 6 – 8 weeks or work at your own pace.
Do you want to study online?
Registration is now open for ACCA online classes. To sign up go to and click on the book now button. Alternatively, you can call Robert on 0861 111 411 and he will gladly offer advice on how to get started.