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CIMA new syllabus – what to do about November Case Study

As you know the CIMA syllabus is changing. Your biggest risk as a current CIMA student would be finding yourself stuck between the old and new syllabus and essentially having to transition midway. This would require you to repeat certain subjects.

Read below, it’s REALLY important

November is your last opportunity to write your Case Study exams on the old syllabus. If you miss this chance you could be in trouble. Think of it this way, you’ve finished E, F and P all that’s left is Case Study, but you’re not ready to write in November and give it a skip. Now you must write on the new syllabus, which means you must relook at your OT subjects as the Case Study exam will be based on the new syllabus and not the old. The bottom line is that you need to pass November. Life is full of risks, this is one you shouldn’t be taking. Join our Case Study classes, we’ll get you exam ready in four days.

Syllabus change recap
Why the change?

To ensure they stay ahead of modern business requirements CIMA conducted research to understand the changing role of financial managers.  After interviewing 5,500 professionals from 2,000 organisations in over 150 countries it became apparent that in today's digital world the focus and role of finance professionals is changing. The digital age is here and, as a result, future finance professionals need a new skillset one that incorporates knowledge of finance in the digital world.
What has changed?

Enterprise Pillar changes: The E-pillar has seen the most change, with some traditional models and theories removed to allow for a significant shift in focus to digital concepts and issues. So, if you plan to do your Case Study in the new syllabus this subject should not be done in the old syllabus. If you have already done this subject and you do not write your Case Study in the old syllabus, you will have to redo the E pillar.

Performance Pillar changes: Big data analysis has been thoroughly embedded throughout all of the exams in this pillar. Other digital topics such as stress testing and business intelligence systems feature in P1 and P2. P3 sees a whole new syllabus area dedicated to Cyber Risk.

Financial Pillar changes: The financial pillar has seen the least impact; however Integrated Reporting has expanded to reflect its growing prominence. This is the best pillar to do on the old syllabus because most of what you learn now will still be relevant in the new syllabus.

Avoid transitioning mid-way through a level
We are the Case Study experts, join us for classes and we’ll get you through. For more information or to book your place contact Robert on 0861 111 411 or at