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A word from our Strategic Case Study lecturer


We asked our Strategic Level Case Study lecturer for his thoughts on the upcoming exam. He said ‘change’. Change reflects the nature of business. Business is dynamic, complex and ever-changing. Change therefore needs to be pre-empted, planned for, mitigated and managed. Change and risk/opportunity, naturally, goes hand-in-hand. “Some say you can always expect a supplier problem in a case study exam. I think one should always expect a change,” says our lecturer who repeatedly get all his SCS students to pass first time. 

This case study has strong correlation to Netflix. In the exam your job will be to clearly identify the issues, which you now need to clarify or solve. Use this broad list to see if you’ve picked up most of the issues and see how prepared you are to answer questions on any of them:

  • lack of financial knowledge and application / balance between working capital and profit
  • broad mission and vision; no/poor objectives
  • risk management (an important area regularly tested)
  • competitors (potential for merger/acquisition)
  • current and new stakeholders / change of stakeholders- Mendelow Matrix
  • substitutes / threats
  • product portfolio; programme success/failure analysis
  • who is the target market?
  • problems with structure / IT systems fall under business development function
  • internal controls (privacy, payments, dev audit plans, et)
  • CSR and ethics (responsibility to the viewer and society; 3Ps)
  • strategic approach to IT / big data / macfarlane grid
  • differentiated pricing
  • operational efficiency / high expenditure / value chain
  • regulation on online streaming – what can we do?
  • corporate governance – combined code; what’s missing?
  • analyse origin of revenue and profit and actions to maximise profit
  • piracy / copyright issues
  • future strategy – rationalise existing operations and develop new opportunities


According to Kuda, this case study lends itself to communicating business solutions to influence decision making that drives value in organisations.

When asked about his remarkable track record with Case Study exams, Kuda says, “my most recent class has put in a lot of hard work over the last two weekends.” He says his students were a bit shell-shocked after the first weekend of classes, but then he slowly built them up again. “I believe they have what it takes to give us another 100% pass rate in May.”

We wish all the May Strategic Level Case Study students well in their upcoming exam.

Below is an overview of the May 2018 Strategic pre-seen.


What is it about?

  • Couchweb is a media streaming company which offers access to media content over the internet at any time and from anywhere.
  • Couchweb’s content is exclusively entertainment, primarily series and movies.
  • Subscribers can connect to Couchweb using almost any device that can access the internet.
  • Subscribers pay a small monthly fee to log into Couchweb’s website and view content online.


What kind of company is featured?

  • Couchweb was founded 20 years ago by Chet Nolan, Jen Kramer and Jo Ying.
  • When first founded, Couchweb rented out DVDs by post to customers, who posted them back after watching them.
  • Couchweb has since grown organically and also by acquiring other media companies.
  • It is now one of the world’s largest media companies.
  • Initially, it operated exclusively in Mayland, but now it streams content to more than 100 countries in over 20 languages.
  • Couchweb relies on subscribers accessing content over the internet, using any equipment that offers internet access.
  • Couchweb’s most immediate competitors so far are HomeVideo and MovieMaster. Both are smaller companies than Couchweb and neither has products that are as technically advanced.


What problems does it face?

  • Competition from new companies opening up in Couchweb's key markets.
  • Pressure to employ skilled staff to lead the development of new technologies, particularly because there is always competition to retain such experts.
  • Copyright piracy is a constant threat and Couchweb has had to make large investments to counter this.
  • Ongoing lawsuits, although not serious.


How IBTC can help you prepare for your case study exam:

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