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A word from our ICB Top Achiever: Trisha Padayachy


"Working and studying at the same time is definitely not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. You need to stay focused and start early so that you have enough time to study for your exam."
This is what Trisha Padayachy had to say when she made it onto the ICB Top Achiever list for the May exam sitting. 
Seeing our students succeed brings us great joy. We like to celebrate with these students by telling their stories. Here is Trisha’s ICB journey and a little on her dreams.

Meet Trisha.

Trisha currently works as an Administration Controller and her main job is to look after clients and make sure the correct documents are submitted for payment and invoicing on the client system.

“I love my job, but I have bigger dreams. I want to become an accountant and gain a wealth of experience before opening my own company. I needed a qualification that would fit into my lifestyle of a working professional and afford me the opportunity to have the career of my dreams,” said Trisha.

That is when Trisha did her research and found ICB Financial Accounting.
“What struck me was the flexibility that the qualification has to offer for working students, this made ICB the clear choice for me. I could continue working on my career while also study towards an even bigger career move,” she added.

Trisha enrolled with IBTC and wrote BSL1 in May and achieved an impressive 90%. This was only her first exam as an ICB student, so she definitely hit the ground running. We asked her how she did it.

“I am not the kind of person to procrastinate. When I need to do something, I stay on top of my game from day one. Time management was key, and it kept me on track. Also even though I put in the hours, I wasn’t alone, IBTC walked the road with me. Working and studying through correspondence is not easy, but if your college supports you like IBTC does and you plan carefully you are bound to succeed.”
We could not end our chat with Trisha without asking for her advice to people studying ICB.

Here are some tips from Trisha:
•    Go through as many past papers as possible while studying
•     Stay dedicated and focused at all times
•    Do not procrastinate
•    When you are in the exam room stay calm and positive
•    Read all the questions and attempt to answer them all
•    Make use of your college, they will get you through.

Our ICB students are regularly the top performing students in the country. To study ICB with us go to and click on the book now button. Alternatively, you can call Robert on 0861 111 411 and he will gladly offer advice on how to get started.