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Build up to your ICB May exams: The two phases

Did you know?
· There is little over a month before the next ICB assessment week
· You are left with just a few weeks to study your theory
· Trying to cram new information so close to your exam can easily backfire on you
There is little over a month left before the next assessment week for ICB, in fact there is exactly 1 month and 2 days. At this point, you have already booked your exam, received your POE and you know that you will be writing in the week of May 13.
There is a lot you can do in the next month to ensure you are ready to pass your exam. From this point, how you structure each week and the elements you add and deduct from your studies could be the difference between a pass or fail. This is why we have created this timeline to remind you of what you need to do and keep you on track. We have divided it into a Phase 1 and Phase 2 study plan.
Phase 1: You are left with two more weeks to study your theory
If you feel like you still have some theory to go through, then you can. It is not too late to learn new information and to start studying new chapters in your book that you have not yet gone through. These two weeks should be about reading your notes and doing practice questions to check your content knowledge.
Practice questions are not exam-standard questions but are simply questions to indicate if you are ready to move on to the next chapter of your studies. These questions are very detailed because they test your understanding of each chapter you read. This will ensure that you move onto the next chapter with confidence. Also, by the end of these first two weeks, you should have completed all the assessments in your POE.
This is also the end of the final study phase on your ICB IBTC Study Plan.
Phase 2: If you do not know it yet leave it
Trying to cram new information so close to your exam can easily backfire on you, especially if you are studying to learn and retain and not just to make it through an exam.  Research shows that students who apply what they have learnt usually land the best marks and those who treat an exam as a memory test get average marks.
The final two weeks before your exam should be spent doing exam standard question papers. These questions are different from the questions you were doing when you were going through your theory and notes. These questions are designed to test exam readiness.

Get ready for your July ICB exam with IBTC
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