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Analysing case studies is a job for the experts

 Analysis paralysis 

What’s a good analysis? How in-depth is in-depth? Well, a good analysis gives you a solid grasp of the current state of the business and the industry in which it operates. It gives you an opinion on a business direction you’d advise the business to take, as well as a good understanding of the business challenges and key issues the business is likely to face. Armed with this, you can develop a plan on how to deal with each of the identified key issues. You will then know which key concepts from P, E and F are relevant to the business and this issue. 
A well-rounded answer
You need to understand what a good answer looks like and what the examiner is looking for. 
A good answer draws on the theories relevant to the particular issue faced in the exam. It also identifies different ways for dealing with the issue and would include your recommendation. 
What is most useful in a class or workshop set-up, is that you get a good feel for what a well-rounded answer looks like. 
Time to skip that after-work drink
Analysing the pre-seen case study on your own is a time-consuming job and probably not a lot of fun on your own. It’s a whole lot easier (and faster) when an expert shows you the ropes. So it’s time to skip that after-work drink and join our Case Study Exam Prep Classes aimed at helping students just like you prepare in the right way.
Many students make use of all the available resources they can get their hands on. And so should you. Join the IBTC Case Study Exam Prep classes and decide for yourself.
Case Study Exam Prep classes are facilitated by South Africa’s top CIMA Case Study lecturers. These are the same lecturers who produced the world’s top students in 2016 - Joint Nr.1 globally in November 2016 (Strategic Case Study) and Joint Nr. 5 globally in the August 2016 (MCS Case Study). 
Our Case Study Exam Prep classes are open to all students and non-students and are available to attend in Sandton and Cape Town. Seats are limited.
We look forward to seeing you! 
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