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How to tackle your ACCA Advanced Taxation UK exam


At a recent online conference, a team of ACCA experts who are involved in reviewing and marking ACCA exams offered their insights on the Applied Skills, Strategic Professional and Options (UK tax) exams. The conference provided a unique opportunity for Approved Learning Partners, like IBTC, tutors and other strategic partners to come together, network, and gain practical insights into ACCA’s examinations.
During the conference they reviewed the 2018 September and December exams to provide students with direction and guidance when writing their exams this year. Here is what they had to say about The Advanced Taxation- UK
According to the examiners, there are a few changes in the ATX UK subject. The technical changes you need to be on the lookout for are the following:
•    Deemed domicile changes for personal taxes (IT, CGT and IHT)
•    Changes to corporate loss relief
•    Income tax implications of lump sum payments
•    Changes to SSE conditions
Apart from these changes, the examiners found that there are several areas that students struggle in and definitely need to improve on.
"Candidates need to consider the scenario given before they start writing their answer and not simply state general tax rules. A lot of students make this mistake. Students need to understand that each client has their own set of circumstances, which the tax rules must be applied to. Each scenario is unique and must be treated as such," said the examiners.
The examiners gave the following advice:

•    Slow down
•    Note initial thoughts and plan
•    Think, then write
•    Think, then calculate
•    Clearly address the requirements and be specific
•    Provide clear, short and concise explanations
•    Avoid irrelevant explanations/calculations
•    It is suggested that students spend 1.8 min per mark

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