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ACCA - Bringing The World To You


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is one of the worlds leading accounting bodies, with over 219 000 members in 179 countries worldwide.  Completing an ACCA qualification not only teaches you the vital skills needed to rise to the top of your field, but it also grants you access to a truly global network of likeminded professionals.  


Here are five reasons why an ACCA qualification is your ticket to a global career: 


Worldwide Recognition 


As mentioned above, ACCA is recognised in 179 countries around the world. Even the largest global bodies such as the United Nations and the World Bank recognise and respect ACCA qualifications. Unlike regular accounting qualifications, which are localised to focus on specific financial laws in the countries they are written, the ACCA syllabus is based on international accounting standards. This means the knowledge gained is relevant and easily transferable -no matter where in the world you wish to practice.   




ACCA qualifications have been formulated with working professionals in mind. Exam sessions are held each quarter, and some can even be taken on demand, whenever you feel ready. There is also no set timeline for when your qualification should be completed. All ACCA students have 10 years from the day of enrolment to complete their qualifications. This will provide you with more than enough time to complete the course while balancing your busy life and work schedule.  


A Global community 


Completing your ACCA studies gives you more than just a qualification. You gain access to an exclusive, worldwide network of accounting professionalsForge real connections with your peers, expand your opportunities and stay in touch with what others in your industry are doing around the globe.  


Partnerships with Employers 


ACCA has partnered with over 8500 organisations to provide better access to employment opportunities for students and members.  Because of this, simply choosing to complete an ACCA qualification can already help to get one foot in the door at many major firms.  


Tuition Partners 


ACCA qualifications can be completed with the aid of an Approved Learning Partner (ALP), such as IBTC. In fact, ACCA recommends that students completing their qualifications make use of an ALP, as it provides a host of benefits to the students.  


We offer our students specialised recorded lecture videos, personalised tutor support and access to the best study material, delivered to your door. We also include a structured study plan to keep you on track and our interest-free payment plan means you can attain an industry leading qualification affordably.  


As an added benefit, you will be backed by our Pass Assured Promise. This means that we are so confident you will pass first time, that you can come back for free if you don't.  


Ready to take the next step in attaining your global qualification?Our ACCA online classes will get you exam ready in as little as eight weeks. To book your spot or find out more, send us an email on or give us a call on 0861 111411