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Objective Tests (OTs) and Integrated Case Study (ICS) exams explained

The most noticeable change to the CIMA syllabus has been the introduction of computer-based exams. This means that there are more opportunities to write throughout the year with on-demand OTs and ICS exams available four times a year.

Objective Tests (OTs)
The OT is a computer-based exam which will be available on-demand all year round. Candidates will be able to attempt these in any order and schedule an exam whenever they are ready. This is good news for some as they will be able to progress quicker attempting more papers more frequently, but also give some students the opportunity to write fewer papers as they feel ready to attempt these. 
Once candidates have attempted an OT, the results will be available immediately. The new OTs will explicitly examine every syllabus learning outcome therefore candidates will be required to have completed comprehensive preparation and a detailed understanding of all the topics and techniques for each paper. 
More information about the OT:
•             On PC
•             90 minutes long
•             Marked by computer
•             Short questions, including multiple-choice, multiple response, data entry, fill-in- gaps, etc.
•             On demand – can be sat at any time with immediate results
•             Candidates must complete 3 OTs at each level before they can attempt the ICS
•             Pass mark is 70%

Integrated Case Study (ICS) exams
The ICS is a computer-based exam which will be available four times a year (in February, May, August and November). Once a student has completed the three OTs from that same level, they will be able to enter for the ICS. The increased exam diets mean that student don’t need to wait too long between ICS exams. This increased flexibility will give OT students more opportunities to progress to the next level – as well as students who were unsuccessful an opportunity to re-write an ICS in a shorter time frame.
The ICS is set within a simulated real life work situation, whereby the candidate is given a job role according to the level they are completing. Prior to the exam, CIMA will release each levels “pre-seen material” which will contain a fictitious company profile and details which will include the financials, organisations structure, the strategy, share prices if applicable, etc. Candidates are then required to research the industry, competitors, threat and possible issues that could arise.
The exam has ‘trigger’ information that is revealed throughout the exam and tasks are set based on the trigger information revealed, which will test the candidate’s competency at applying the knowledge learnt. The exam aims to test a variety of skills including research and analysis, how to present information, and communication skills. The exam is set and marked according to the competency weightings at the level.
More information about the ICS:
•             On PC
•             Three hours long
•             Marked by an examiner 
•             Long questions – similar to the previous written exams
•             Integrated case study covers all subjects within the level
•             Exams available quarterly (Feb, May, Aug and Nov) 
•             Pass mark is 60%
Where can you write your OTs and ICS exams?
You can register to write your exams at any Pearson Vue Authorised Computer Based Test Centre. 
IBTC Assessment Centres:
Cape Town
3rd Floor
79 Roeland Street
Cape Town
Block B, Grayston Ridge
144 Katherine Street

Directions and map >

Click here for additional test centres > 

To register for exams, log into your MyCIMA account and select your subjects and exam venue.