In the past to get an education you had to come to class and sit at a desk. That is quickly changing. You can study and get a qualification without ever coming to class. Thanks to what we now know as distance learning.

But what does distance learning even mean? Well, distance learning is a fancy term for studying without ever physically coming to class. What you’d do is find a college, your college would send you your study material and you would study on your own from home, you tell your college when to book your exam and write when you feel ready.

You might be thinking, isn’t the whole point of studying to learn from someone who knows better as a professor or teacher? You are not the only one, we have found that most students shy away from studying through distance learning because there is no teacher and no one to push them. You are practically on your own.

We understand what you need, which is why we do things differently at IBTC.  Allow me to tell you how.

One of our favourite words is support and we have discovered a way to give you individual support during your studies no matter where you are in the world. We understand that this is important to you and we will never let you walk this road alone.

“Many students benefit from studying at their own pace and enlisting the support of their tutor when they need it. With our support programme and our tutors who are ready to support you, you won’t be studying alone,” said Charissa Cousins, Principal at IBTC.

What is this support that we give you?

We call to check on how you are studying

We call and welcome you the moment you enrol as a student with IBTC and we continue to call to check how you’re progressing with your studies. Like a teacher in class would make sure you have studied. We do the same, you never feel alone.

We give you a tutor

You have your own online tutor to help you. When you are in class, you would go through your notes and ask questions from a teacher when you do not understand something. We give you a tutor to answer any questions you might have. So, when you feel stuck you can ask a professional.

We give you past exam papers

We believe that every student needs to practice on past exam papers to see if what they are learning from the notes is sinking in. We give you two assessment papers and we also give you one internal exam. By the time your exam comes, you will be ready to pass.

Study towards a national qualification with IBTC

Registration is now open for our National Qualifications which include Diplomas in Business Management, Human Resource and Marketing Management. We offer National Diplomas via distance learning. To find out how a National Diploma can unlock your future speak to Wahied on 0861 111 411 or email

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