We are so confident that you will pass first time, that you can come back for free if you don’t.

At IBTC we believe it is our responsibility to prepare you for your exam and get you to pass first time. We employ the best study material, tuition methods, lecturers, course designs and exam prep methods to maximise your exam fitness. We have developed a proven study programme that gives you an 83% chance of passing your exam. All you need to do is follow the IBTC Exam Fit Faster programme.

Our Values

We live our values every day. You should be able to see it in our service, you can feel it on campus and you’ll experience it when we celebrate your successes.

Relationships first

We are results driven

I have to keep growing and help you to grow

Remarkable service  – think like the customer


QCTO accreditation number: SDP1228/18/00114
Date obtained: 29 June 2018
DHET exam number: 019999211
Name: International Business Training College (“IBTC”)

All NATED qualifications are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

A National Qualification is awarded by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to students who successfully complete the Department of Education assessments and examinations.

Only accredited Private and Public Further Education and Training Colleges (FET colleges) may offer tuition towards these exams. Once a student has passed their exams, the Department of Higher Education and Training will certificate the student.


IBTC is a training provider and not examining body or the owner of the qualification or certification. We prepare you for the Department of Education exam and provide an ICASS mark to the department on completion of your course.

Tutor access

We have a tutor who will help you with academic queries. Email your question to To help us get back you faster, please include a photo of your question and workings, or state the book and page number where your tutor can find your question.

Important dates

Please keep the following important dates in mind when planning your studies. Some dates are illustrative and may change from year to year. Please consult your college for the latest dates.

Register for classes with IBTC: 12 Feb and 23 July
Classes start: 2nd week of Feb and 3rd week if July
Closing date for registration at an Exam Centre: 23 Feb and 8 Aug
Submit ICASS marks to DHET: 8 June and 9 Nov
Exam dates: 1-22 June and 12-30 Nov
Results released: 27 July and 19 Jan


For more information on our classes and when they start be sure to download the latest timetable here.

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