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Why question practice is important


So, why is Question Practice so important and what benefit does it give you over spending that time studying or doing revision?  There’s a lot more to exam preparation than studying and revision. The reasons are like a cake; a layered one at that. 

More is more
You’ve heard it often enough. Question practice is key! Some say 40% of your time should be spent on question practice. One of IBTC’s senior course advisors feels it should be 60%. You believe it, but you’re not doing it. 
The best way to get it done is to work out how long the material will take to learn and then book your exam for three weeks later. Ensure you finish your studies at least three weeks before your planned exam. Then, do all the questions in your practice-and-revision kit. If that’s not enough, try to join an exam prep class if you can. More is more, in this case.
‘The Time Master’
Running out of time in the exam is a common experience amongst students. Through timed question practice you will become familiar with the time pressure you’ll experience in the actual exam and learn how to deal with it. A little bit of exam-day stress can completely throw you off your game. You might not be able to pull yourself together and forget how to manage your time. 
But, we can confidently say that enough question practice breeds confidence and confidence wins over exam stress. If you’ve practiced a lot of questions and a fair amount of timed mocks, you will be able to deal with exam-day stress and become the master of your time.
Quick wins first
With sufficient question practice you can learn to identify the estimated length it will take to answer a question. We recommend that you first do all the ‘quick to answer’ questions in your actual exam. So, being able to spot the difference between a ‘quick win’ and a question that will take 2 to 5 minutes to answer, is critical. It’s all about getting time on your side.
Familiarisation breeds … more time
With enough question practice you’ll become familiar with how questions are phrased. This will make you quicker at answering them, which will save you time in the exam. You might not get the exact same question, but you’ll recognise the type of question and you’ll know how to answer it, quickly, because you’ve done it multiple times before. 
Mistakes can be free or very costly
Through question practice you’ll be able learn how to spot pitfalls. Making the same mistake a couple of times while doing exam prep, teaches you how to recognise the pitfalls in the exam and how to avoid them. Making mistakes while doing exam prep is free (and very valuable). Making mistakes in the exam can cost you dearly. So, practice, practice, practice and get all the mistakes and pitfalls out of the way before your exam.
Never ready, but ready
Remember, you’ll never feel 100% ready. But you’ll know when you’ve done enough practice questions (and when you haven’t), so once you’ve done enough, just get it done.
IBTC takes care of its students. We are on a mission to get students to pass first time and progress faster.  Want to joint us for Question Practice? We have classes starting in April. Contact us for more information. It’s the right thing to do. 
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