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Where can a CIMA qualification take YOU?


CIMA CGMA designation can open plenty of doors in your professional career, both literally and figuratively. Did you know that CIMA qualifications are recognised and sought after in over 176 countries worldwide? You will also be able to find employment in a vast array of sectors, from FMCGfinance, investment and strategy 


Unlike traditional financial degrees, the career pathway for a CGMA is much boarder than strictly financial reporting.  


Here is a brief list of just some of the positions your CIMA qualification will make you eligible for: 


Financial Accountant 


An essential role in any organisation, financial accountants are entrusted with ensuring that an organisation is financially sound. This is done by auditing financial statements and reporting on the company’s financial position. These findings then inform the strategic and operational plans made by senior management.   


This role is also the initial steppingstone to more senior positions, such as Finance Manager and CFO.  


Business Analyst 


Business analysts are tasked with analysing data sets to identify needs and shortcomings in a business’s products, services and processesThey are required to identify areas needing improvement and assist in designing technical solutions to solve these issues. 


They work side by side with senior management and need excellent communication and problem solving capabilities to identify solutions and ensure they are clearly communicated to all parties involved 


Management Consultant 


Management consultants assist top-level management in decision making and act as advisors on how best to implement their strategic plans. They have a firm understanding of all business functions and how each part of an organisation must work together effectively in order to achieve a common goal. This is an ideal position for someone with solid business knowledge and an understanding of how to manage workplace relationships.  


Consultants can either maintain a fulltime position at one organisation or move from client to client, on a contractual basis.  


Finance Manager 


Finance managers are responsible for the financial health of an organisation. They analyse data and financial reports provided by the accounting team and actively seek out ways to increase the businesses profitability. They allocate funds, oversee the operational budget and ensure that the revenue flowing into the business exceeds the amount leaving it.  



These are only four possible positions open to CIMA graduates, but the list is vast and constantly evolving. By choosing to study CIMA your potential career path becomes limitless both locally and abroad.


IBTC lecturer, Muzi Sithebe, praised the wide range of skills developed when studying a CIMA qualification. When asked about his own experiences, he noted: "The broad scope of the CIMA qualification has given me the flexibility and technical knowledge to take on roles beyond finance, and allowed me to choose the growth."


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