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In the company of strong women: Sue


Keeping with the spirit of Women’s Month and the remarkable women of IBTC. In our third instalment of our Women’s Day series, allow us to introduce you to our Finance Manager, Sue Jabbitt.

Sue first joined IBTC in 2011 as a CIMA lecturer and later become our Finance Manager. We trust Sue with all our money and she in return ensures that the company finances are above board. Her daily goal is to make sure that IBTC has sufficient cash to make our goals and vision become a reality. According to Sue, cash is king for every company and we couldn't agree with her more. Not only is Sue good with numbers though, she’s amazing with people too. If you need some sound advice or a shoulder to lean on Sue is your woman! She is much loved at IBTC and we value her input tremendously. She also pays our salaries, which is an added bonus. 😊

We sat down with Sue and chatted to her about Women's Day and more.

1.    What is your role on the management team and IBTC as a whole?
I am responsible for overseeing all the finance processes at IBTC. I ensure that the Management and Financial Accounts are produced timeously and efficiently to help guide the management team to make informed decisions. My team of four dedicated finance staff are responsible for the following finance functions: Debtors, Creditors, Stock procurement and facilities management.

2.    Accounting / finance / maths are often seen as very masculine career choices, what advice do you have for girls wanting to follow a career in one of these?
In this day and age, all females can choose any career their hearts (and heads) desire. Some of the best Accountants I know are female!

3.    What woman has inspired you the most and what lessons did she teach you that you have carried into your career?
From an early age I was taught kindness and honesty from my inspiring mother and I try to always ensure that I demonstrate these attributes when leading a team. Remaining positive and having a sense of humour helps to overcome all the day-to-day hurdles we encounter in life.

4.    If you had one wish for women in this country, what would it be?
For all South Africans, not just girls and women, to have easy access to outstanding schools and tertiary education. We all know that ‘education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’.