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1 hour in class equals 3 hours of home study


When signing up for a course, one often has various study options to choose from, such as self-study, online studies or traditional face-to-face classes or a hybrid of methods. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes we choose the most cost-effective option and sometimes we choose the method we know works best for us. We are often asked if classes are better than home study, or if an online course produces better results than our home study option. We have found that the method that produces the best results, is the one that works for you.
But few can deny that struggling with something at home wastes precious study time, and that the well-placed support from a subject-matter expert can improve your understanding. And that the real value of attending class. We maintain that an hour in class equals three hours at home. That hour also helps you study more effectively when studying on your own at home.
The process of retaining information
The major goal of studying is to gain knowledge and to learn something new. It takes time to transfer information and move from a place of not knowing to a place of understanding. This becomes more difficult when you are doing it on your own and you have no expert guidance.
Students have admitted to spending a lot of time trying to navigate unfamiliar study material and ultimately end up feeling frustrated with the process. The truth is that the frustration stems from not being able to measure the accuracy of their analysis of the material. Simply reading and memorising text without understanding does little to help you retain information in the long run and it is a process that takes up a huge chunk of your time.
According to IBTC lecturers, professional qualifications are different from academic qualification in that, at professional level you are required not only to grasp the theoretical part of the course, but also to apply that in real world scenario. Classes offer the best of both worlds.
CIMAclasses with IBTC
When you attend CIMA classes, you can now benefit from 11 taught classes, tutor support, a study plan and study material. That is inclusive of the all-important progress tests and mock exam.
"The study material we use for these classes comes highly recommended. However, the real beauty of the programme lies in the progress tests and mock exams," said Tinashe Mashiyoyo, lecturer at IBTC. 
The progress tests allow students to gauge their progress and reveal which areas to invest time during their exam preparation. This is invaluable especially when you have lecturers to engage with. On the other hand, the mock exam, which you’ll do at the end of your course, is designed to expose students to typical exam questions that prepare them to tackle their exams with confidence.
“These classes contribute highly to students pass rate in their first attempt," added Tinashe. Furthermore, the CIMA classes are pass assured which means that you can begin your studies knowing that will pass first time or come back for free in the rare chance that you do not.
So, if you can get it done faster, score higher and get the career success you deserve, then why not make the most of it?
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CIMA classes for semester two start on 02 July 2018. Seats are limited. To sign up go to and click on the book now button and secure a seat in one of our classrooms. Alternatively, you can call Robert on 0861 111 411 and he will gladly offer advice on how to get started.