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A look into your Management Case Study Exam


Preparing for the Case Study Exam can be an overwhelming task for any student, that is why we sat down with one of our best Management Case Study lecturers, Precious Nyamazana, who shared her thoughts on what you could expect in the upcoming August ICS exam.

Your job in the exam is to clearly identify issues and resolve them focusing on key concepts covered in your OT content.

"I have seen a lot of concepts in this pre-seen and this has convinced me that the upcoming Case Study exam might feature most of the technical concepts found in all three (E2, P2 &F2) pillars,” said Precious. The pre-seen features a big company which is why there are so many concepts in it.

Use this list to see if you’ve picked up most of these concepts and see how prepared you are to answer questions on any of them:

  • Human Resources issues e.g.  company culture, staff retention etc
  • Costing for competitive advantage using the Value Chain and ABC & TQM Principles.
  • Financial analysis in terms of ratios. The meaning of ratios and how to interpret financial figures.
  • Issues of share base payments.
  • Recognising and measurement of elements on the financial statements.
  • The WACC model.
  • Risk management (know the major types of risk and what techniques can be used to measure & mitigate each one).
  • Performance measurement.
  • NPV concept which comes in handy when deciding which investments to make and how to apply investment appraisal techniques.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Issues of pricing and the different pricing models.
  • Sources of Finance

In conclusion, remember there will be nothing foreign in this exam. "Everything that will appear, you have encountered before, trust that the hard work you put in during your studies is sufficient to help you pass. Concentrate on giving your opinion and support it in a clear and concise manner."

We wish all the August Management Level Case Study students well in their upcoming exam. Always remember, if you get stuck along the way, reach out to our tutor on

Below is an overview of the August Management pre-seen

What is it about?

  • It’s about a company called Montel which is operating in the camera manufacturing industry in Farland country

What kind of company is featured?

  • Montel is a quoted multinational camera manufacturer and it was founded in the 1920s.
  • It has 4 factories in Newtown, Easttown, Westtown and Southtown.
  • Montel makes its cameras from high-quality components and they invest heavily in quality control processes.
  • Montel offers a wide range of cameras and all its products are pitched at premium prices.
  • Montel has a worldwide coverage in terms of its distribution network. Professional advice is given to buyers of premium camera models. Its cameras are sold through 100 Montel-branded shops all over the world; 150 Specialist 3rd party branded shops and Online via its website for simple cameras that do not require professional advice.
  • The Sales department for Montel follows a geographical structure and the board of directors is quite balanced with some NEDS.

What problems does it face?

  • The upsurge in smartphones has caused over 40% decline in camera sales as users find phone camera to be adequate for their personal uses e.g. social media photo uploads etc.
  • Competition from other camera manufacturing companies who offer a diverse range of products such as Kira who is Montel’s largest competitor and has a much larger share of the market.
  • Press coverages which are promoting competitors’ products and raising the quest for debate between competitors’ products & Montel’s products.
  • Montel being a multinational company operates in many countries. This would mean the group will be exposed to political risk, international risk and exchange rate fluctuations etc.
  • In general Montel’s margins are lower than those of their competitor Kira.

What strategies did they use to overcome these problems?

  • Montel follows the strategy of technical innovation & maintenance of high product quality to attract sales – Montel’s customers are prepared to pay more to have the very best cameras.
  • Pursuit of organic growth opportunities & acquisition of other businesses.

How IBTC can help you prepare for your case study exam:
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