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Meet your lecturer – Ivan Donson


Hi! my name is Ivan Donson. I am currently a Value Chain Profit Analyst at Woolworths Foods and I also teach BA 1 at IBTC Cape Town Campus.

I have been part of the IBTC team for years now and I have remained part of the team because I believe IBTC really cares about the student passing and therefore does whatever they can to make this possible. I love the values that IBTC has, especially how they value relationships. I believe that building healthy relationships with students gives them that extra motivation, confidence and self-belief to get over the finish line. I do not dispute that you need the technical and practical knowledge, but healthy RELATIONSHIPS provide the much-needed push to get students to pass these prestigious exams. 

Before becoming a lecturer, I was a CIMA student at IBTC and my CIMA qualification has propelled my career. It gave me the skills, tools and insight to help me enable the commercial teams to improve profitability and grow the business.

I have been fortunate enough to experience IBTC as both a student and a lecturer. This gives me a lot of insight on the value of attending class as a CIMA student.  I strongly believe that attending classes will give you the opportunity to be part of a community through which you can learn not only from the lecturer but also other students. Community breeds accountability, healthy competition, class discussions and, in addition to this, you will be exposed to different study techniques.

But, whether you attend face-to-face classes, take the online route or study on your own from home my advice to you is to be tenacious and fail forward. Never give up - resolve in your heart and mind that you will persevere. Apply the proven IBTC methodology and approach to your studies. Walk in the footsteps of the legends who have gone before you.

Did you know?

1.    Ivan’s superpower is HERO-maker. He has a God given gift to encourage the junk out of people. He loves seeing people succeed and reach their potential and purpose.

2.    If he could have dinner with anyone dead or alive he would dine with John C Maxwell. He believes that John is an amazing leader and great motivational speaker. What he loves most about him is how much he loves people and how well he connects with them.