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The power of dedication: How Anzel became an ICB Top Achiever


In no way was it easy. Time was here scarcest resource as she attempted to balance a full-time job, family responsibilities and studying.  "I am 35 and I work full time. To balance a career, family responsibilities and my studies was a huge challenge, but I had to find ways to jump over the hurdles," says Anzel.  

With a clear goal to do well on her studies, Anzel enrolled with IBTC and utilised all the support she was offered. 
I made sure that I put in the time. The amount of time I was required to invest was easily determined by my study plan. but as much as the study plan details the number of hours per subject, it did not detail when I should study. This is where I became creative.  I used every minute I had available. Most times it meant putting in a few hours of study early in the morning before work," says Anzel. 
However, it is the tutor support she found most valuable. 
“I have lost count of how many times I emailed the tutor. I had access to the most patient, considerate and knowledgeable tutor at IBTC. His responses were quick and he addressed all my knowledge gaps,” says Anzel. 
"IBTC also frequently contacted me to find out where I was with my studies, what I was struggling with and how they can be of assistance. This act of kindness made me feel that someone looked out for me even though I was a correspondence student. This kept me motivated and reminded me why I was studying with IBTC in the first place," added Anzel.
Her choice to study ICB was an easy one. “The syllabus builds on the previous level and the career opportunities are endless,” concluded Anzel.