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How to tackle your CIMA Case Study exam


Since the new CIMA syllabus introduced Case Study exams at all levels, IBTC has consistently been delivering remarkable pass rates and often find their students in the global top 10. They are case study experts. In fact, they are so confident that you will pass your CIMA Case Study exam first time, that you can come back for free if you don't. I went to investigate further.
There are three key steps to passing your case study exam with CIMA.
ONE: Ensure there are no knowledge gaps
It all starts with knowing your content. That's the E, P and F subject underpinning your Case Study exam. If you've recently done your OT exams for these subjects, you'll be ready to start preparing for your Case Study exam. If you have been exempted or you're coming through a gateway or advanced placement route, your first job is to ensure you are very familiar with the underlying content.
TWO: Practice answering Case Study questions
They do say you don't need to learn any new content for your Case Study exam. That's true, but you do need to learn the skills of answering Case Study questions. Practicing Case Study questions (and analysing your answer to the model answer) is great to do while you're waiting for the pre-seen Case Study (the 'real Case Study') to be released by CIMA. You'll find subject-based practice questions in the Workbook that's included in your course. The tasks are designed to draw on one of the subjects and teaches you how to apply subject knowledge to a Case Study answer. Once you've done this (it can take about six weeks), you can move on to the real Case Study.
THREE: Real Case Study preparation
Once the Case Study is released, we'll provide you with a Toolkit, which contains the Case Study analysis and a Mock Exam. At this point, the pace picks up and you'll need to be very familiar with the underlying subject content. We recommend that you become deeply familiar with the real Case Study. Analyse it line-by-line and try link it back to the models and content from the P/E/F subjects.
IBTC study options
If you can come to our classes, then come to our classes. The richness of the experience is really what you need. It's the sharing with the other people in your class who come from different industries and have had different experiences. Yet, you can also have the same experience online, as you will part of a cohort and have access to your tutor and fellow classmates.
We believe the secret is in knowing your content, practicing the tasks in the Workbook, studying the analysis in the Toolkit and doing no less than three mock exams.
It's true that the Vice President of CIMA Africa decided to do his Strategic Case Study with IBTC. He could have chosen anyone, but he knew his best chance was with IBTC. He was an advanced placement candidate and had to study E3, P3 and F3 from scratch without ever having done any CIMA exams. He famously said, "The penny dropped for me in Sandton." Badibanga talks about the formula which the lecturer wrote on the board, and said “I could see it all the time as I practiced my answers. I couldn't believe how much it helped."


Here's how our Pass Assured Promise works
Case Study Exam Prep - Classes
To qualify:  To qualify for our Pass Assured Promise, you need to have attended all the classes (usually 4/4) and write the two additional mock exams with a 40% pass rate or higher. You also need to have sat the exam relevant to your course.
Our promise:  You can attend the exam prep classes for the following sitting.
Please note: You will be required to purchase a new material package at R1,200, which does not include a new workbook.
Case Study Exam Prep - Online
You must complete and submit steps 1 to 5 on the Achievement Ladder by the relevant submission dates and score at least 40% on each step, and have attempted the exam relevant to your course. You don't need new hard copies of anything, because the Workbook would still apply and the new Toolkit (aka Case Study Analysis) will be available online on your portal.
Case Study Exam Prep - Home Study

This is very similar to the Classes requirements, but instead of attended all 4 classes, you should have engaged with your tutor twice. That's an email to ask a question or to check something - anything.