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A look into your Strategic Case Study Exam


Last week we ran an August Strategic Case Study Exam sitting for a select group of SAICA students. It was so successful that we are running another one this weekend!

This is what two of our students had to say about last Saturday's class:

"The exam prep classes provided me with information that I couldn't have found in my notes.  The richness of feedback I received from Kuda after completing the mock exams provided insight on the areas I need to focus on. Alot of emphasis was put on time management and professional skills. There is little room for error if you're planning on passing the ICS on your first attempt. Kuda's focus on adequate planning to ensure that your response is structured, concise and appealing is a skill I wouldn't have learnt had I not attended the classes. " - Rowan Murray

" Learning how to answer the exam questions was invaluable. We also brainstormed all the different models that can be applied to the case study, which was very helpful. After taking the class I feel ready for the exam." - Larissa Pillay

If you would still like to register for Saturday's class contact us at or on 0861 111 411.

To support you further, we've had a look at the August Case Study Exam. Here is some insight into what you can expect.

The pre-seen Overview
What is it about?

  • It is about an unlisted news group company, with a clear focus on local newspapers.
  • The company has four revenue streams:
  1. Printed newspaper sales, these are still declining, down about 22% in the last five years
  2. Print advertising sales – down about 30% over the last five years
  3. Digital advertising sales – up about 250% in the last five years, but still much lower than print advertising sales
  4. Contract printing for other titles – steady but financially insignificant growth in recent year

What kind of company is featured?

  • The company is suffering a rapid and prolonged financial decline.
  • Its sales and profits have slumped in the face of declining circulation of its titles, as well as advertisers being lured away by other companies.

What problems does it face?

  • Its traditional business model (printed newspapers) has been severely disrupted due to the rise of the internet.
  • Lower circulation as people read news ‘on the go’
  • Much reduced advertising revenues due to falling circulations.

What strategies does it use to overcome these problems?

  • The company has made some efforts to adjust its business model to the digital era. However, adoption of website and app technology was made quite late, and it remains to be seen if the company can arrest its slide towards financial oblivion.

How IBTC can help you prepare for your case study exam:

Exam Prep Classes for the August sitting begin on 28 July for Sandton. To sign up go to and click on the book now button and secure a seat in one of our classrooms

IBTC boasts a remarkable pass rate for its
Case Study Exam Prep Classes, ranging between 80%-90%.