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June 2017 Blog

SAICA to CIMA Pathway


Recently SAICA and CIMA (representing AICPA) have agreed on a mutual expedited pathway for its members to attained either the CGMA designation or the CA(SA) designation. 

Why is this good news?
This is good news for SAICA members who may have found that their SAICA affiliation isn’t all that helpful abroad. With this new agreement, qualifying SAICA members are one exam away from earning the globally-recognised CGMA designation, membership in CIMA and membership in the AICPA and thus join a global network of 650,000 professionals and students. 
This is in turn also good news for CIMA students and CGMAs, as the new agreement provides qualifying CGMAs with an accelerated pathway to SAICA membership and the CA(SA) designation, which is still a highly-desirable accounting designation in a South African context.
The agreement provides eligible CGMA designation holders an accelerated pathway to the CA(SA) designation, and in return provides eligible SAICA members an accelerated pathway to the CGMA designation. 
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