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Professional Development

Wouldn't it be great if you can learn a new business skill in an hour or two?

It's no longer about a qualification you got years ago or your years of experience. Now it's all about staying ahead of the game by continuously identifying gaps in your skills and knowledge and quickly upskilling yourself. Courses that take you off site over a day or more isn't meeting the need of any  busy professional. Super short, online courses that are highly focussed on one skills area are ideal to continuously enhance your knowledge and skills. 

With IBTC you have quick access to a range of short online programmes developed by BPP University in the UK.


IBTC offers you access to BPP university's full range of professional development courses at a fraction of the cost. Select one or buy a bundle. Idea for your own development and for your staff.

Our TOP 10 most popular courses

  1.     Assertiveness (1hr)
  2.     Finance for Non-finance Professionals (14hrs)
  3.     An introduction to FRS 102 (1hr)
  4.     An Introduction to Project Management (2hrs)
  5.     Financial modelling - Golden Rules (1hr)
  6.     Winning business cases (1,5hrs)
  7.     Negotiation mastery (1hr)
  8.     Budgeting for beginners (1,5hrs)
  9.     Pricing - the urban legend (1,5hrs)
  10.     The successful manager (1,5hrs)
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Lecturers for this Course

Muzi Sithebe
 F3 Financial Strategy, Sandton
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Nicky Brouwer
Strategic Case Study : Cape Town
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