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ICB Entrepreneurship

A course in entrepreneurship is really useful in helping you realise your dreams. It is often said that entrepreneurship can't be taught. But that isn't true. No qualification is going to teach you exactly what to do in order to have a successful business. That is achieved through hard work, being creative, doing a lot of research and having plenty of business skills.

What a course in entrepreneurship teaches you, is how to set up your business properly, how to access funds, how to organise financial structures, how to manage growth, how to form operational and strategic departments. It takes all the learnings (failures and successes) from past entrepreneurs and teaches you how to avoid similar pitfalls, or how to recognise pitfalls and deal with them.


When building a new business, there is no need to make mistakes through ignorance when a course could have helped you along quite easily on your road to success.

Your tutor

In addition to your three study options, you have access a tutor that will answer all your questions and fill knowledge gaps that might not have been filled during your study period.


" The IBTC tutor support service is a treasure  that every student should have a share in. Studying alone can be daunting but having support from someone who is both experienced and educated increases your confidence and has a great impact on your studies. Students who utilize this service have an extra edge over their peers"

Study plan

We have developed a unique study plan to guide you through your course.


Our secret of success if our study plan underpinned by our assessment methodology. Carefully follow your study plan and comply to all the requirements that make up our 'formula of success' to secure a first-time pass. In the unlikely event that you follow our plan and you fail,  you can come back for free tuition.

Study tips

Preparing for an exam can be stressful and finding study tips that are tried and tested can be a little tricky. However we have you covered, we have put together a list of study tips from people who were once in your shoes and have come up victorious.

"Always aim to understand concepts, use all resources and identify areas to re-study so you know what to do in your exam." Garnett Thorne


"I studied approximately on average 2 hours per day, did all the practical exercise questions and optional assignment questions. " Vincent Hoy, 92%


" I was studying 2 hours every day for 3 months doing home study. Attempted my exam and got 60% ." Vencheslin Demas


"I worked through all the study material and was careful not to skip a page." Nicolette Smith





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