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Managerial Level

The management level is made up of three subjects. Students who have completed the Managerial level are awarded the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting and will receive the letters CIMA Adv Dip MA.

Study Options

We offer a wide range of options to suit your study needs. These options can be studied together, i.e. study one subject from home and another through part time classes.

Campus Classes

Face-to-face classes at our campuses in Sandton and Cape Town PLUS access to our Online Portal (UK video lectures and online testing). Runs from February to April (Semester 1) and July to Septemebr (Semester 2).

Virtual Classes

 Instead of coming to our campus, you log in from home. This includes access to our Online Portal (UK video lectures and online testing). Runs from February to April (Semester 1) and July to September (Semester 2).

(Virtual Classes Global - swop out your harcopy books for e-Books)

Online Classes

Every month we have an Online Class starting, led by a UK tutor and attended by students globallly. Your tutor guides you through a series of video lectures, online tests and question debriefs on a fast-paced schedule to get you exam ready in 6-8 weeks. Access to online resources until June or December, or until your exam date for session-based exams. Includes hardcopy textbook.

View a walk-through of our Online Classes below.


Home Study Online

Take home study to the next level when you combine your Home Study with our Online Portal, where you'll find video lectures and online tests. You have access to the online resources until June or December, or up to your exam date for session-based exams.

View the free Online Portal included in your Home Study Online course below.


Home Study

Books, tests and a marked mock exam. We add a study plan and course monitor to keep you on track, and a tutor to get you unstuck on tricky topics. The minimum you will need to get exam ready.


Our Masterclasses are designed to recap key concepts and are ideal for students who are already familiar with the content.

Masterclasses are aimed at students who are struggling to pass an OT exam or who want to recap a subject prior to an ICS exam.

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Exam Prep Classes

Our exam prep classes and home study options have been designed to give you sufficient question practice to ensure you are confidently prepared for your exam. 
While we also review key concepts, the focus is on practicing exam questions, good time management and making sure you understand exactly what is asked.


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