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How To Pass First Time


It is true that students don't need to study any new content in preparation for their Case Study exam, but you do need to learn (and practice) how to answer case study questions.

IBTC is the case study experts, as is evident from our remarkable pass rates across all our study methods - our pass rates range between 80-100% time-after-time. We usually aim for 100% pass rate for every sitting.

What we've learnt about preparing for Case Study exams:

  1. Have the technical knowledge (no subject knowledge gaps!)
  2. Learn how to plan and construct a case study answer
  3. Thoroughly analyse the real Case Study relating to your exam
  4. Practice mock case study questions (do at least 3 mock exams)



Class, online or home study - which is best?

Whether you select to come to class, study online or study from home, we follow the same study methodology and provide you with the same study material across all platforms.

Our main focus on the pre-seen analysis, identifying key models and concepts from your subject knowledge and exam technique. 

You will practice planning your answers in line with what the examiner is looking for, presenting for maximum marks, and time management (to ensure that you make the most of the time available).

Exam Prep Classes

  • We only need 4 days to prepare you for your case study exam. Join us for Sat/Sun full-day classes over two weekends, where we'll do a detailed Case Study analysis and numerous exam-prep tasks. You will practice planning your answers in line with what the examiner is looking for, how to present for maximum marks and how to manage your time. 

Online Classes

  • Online classes have set start dates and an assigned tutor and fellow classmates. It kicks off with several weeks of practising case study tasks before the Real Case Study is released. You'll then start on your case study analysis and mock exams. Practising mock exams and receiving feedback from your tutor will ensure you are exam ready. 


Home Study

  • We provide you with all the study material and mock exams you need to pass your exam. Simply work through all the material, focus on your mock exams and get tutor feedback to ensure you pass first time.





CIMA Exam Prep

  • Workbook
  • Pre-seen case study analysis toolkit (with mock exam)
  • 2 additional mock exams



All IBTC Case Study Exam Prep courses comes with our Pass Assured Promise. We are so confident that you will pass first time, that you can come back for free if you don't. 


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