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We sell passes, not products: Start of the year message from IBTC CEO

The thing a student cares about most, is a pass. And it's the one thing we deliver better than anyone else. Our track record of remarkable pass rates stems from our clarity of purpose and singular focus on pass rate. We have always been very clear on our business purpose - we exist to enhance careers and enrich lives. And getting students to pass first time, means students will qualify sooner and enhance their careers sooner. We live our purpose every time one of our student pass their exam.
Singular focus on pass rate
Our pass rate is the key measure in our business. It's the ONE number we are all chasing. And it's even more important to us than our revenue figure. I don't know that this is true for many businesses, but it's because we believe that you buy a pass from us, not a product. And shouldn't every business's measure be how successful it delivers what their customer has purchased from them?  This singular focus on delivering a pass has enabled IBTC to align its staff behind one goal.
So, what happens in the unlikely event that you don't pass first time? That means we haven't delivered on our promise. Like an airline that promises (and measures) on-time arrivals, delays are sometimes unavoidable. We all get that. But we still need to get you where you are going, so we still see it as our responsibility to get you to pass. We have remedial programmes and support structures in place to ensure you pass next time, so let us know you need help preparing for your rewrite and we'll rush to assist you.
Your success is our success
Our vision for IBTC is to be part of your success story. We want IBTC to be a great place to pass, and for the journey to be a remarkable one. Delivering success is what we value and what we strive towards.
We wish all our students a successful academic year. Study often, set your exam date in advance, follow a study programme and reach out to us if you are stuck or falling behind. Answer when we call and read our email - we're reaching out to help you. And promise us you'll never sit your exam without doing a mock exam first.

All the best for 2019. It will be the year of your making, so make it a good one.

Nikki Maritz

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ACCA: Professionals with an ACCA qualification are highly sought-after by employers because the certificate represents integrity, business acumen, and financial knowledge - all of which are valuable traits for any company.

ICB: The ICB qualifications are recognised by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Both CIMA and ACCA are international bodies. This means that should students wish to further their education they are able to do so through CIMA and ACCA and gain internationally recognised qualifications.