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CIMA Story – I passed and failed in the space of two months


IBTC student advisor, Simba, has been giving advice to CIMA students on how to plan their studies for nearly two years.

He never planned to study CIMA, he already had a Marketing Diploma. However, the more he learnt about the qualification and interacted with the IBTC students, the more he was convinced that CIMA was the qualification for him.
Here is the story of his CIMA journey so far.  

“In a space of two months I experienced how it feels to pass and fail CIMA.
At the beginning, I had no real interest in studying CIMA. The more I learnt about the doors this qualification can open and the need to experience what our students go through while studying the course, the more I wanted to study.
That is when I enrolled with IBTC.
I remember that I received my study material on 20 February 2019, and I began studying immediately. I gave it my all and after four weeks, I felt ready to write the Fundamentals of Business Economics (BA1) exam. I was confident. I wrote and passed easily.
I then started studying for my next subject, Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law (BA4).
I thought I would use the same approach, which was to study for four weeks, write and pass. Sadly, it was not to be. ☹  With only four weeks to prepare I had no room for any distractions. Easter weekend was just before my exam and my plan was to study ALL weekend. This didn’t happen. I knew I wasn’t ready. So much so that I only looked at the final two chapters the morning of the exam! I wrote and I failed. I was not surprised. Although, at the time I wanted to throw in the towel. Let’s face it no one likes to fail, I rebooked my exam put in two weeks of hard graft and passed. 😊
My advice for anyone studying CIMA is to keep going. Plan your time carefully. Set a study schedule, but remember life happens so give yourself a little (not too much) room to breathe if need be. If you fail rewrite as soon as possible, while everything is still fresh in your head. There is no denying that CIMA is tough. It’s not about instant gratification.  It’s a long road, but trust me it’s worth it.”