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Pass or fail?

CIMA results are out! What next?
Well that depends on whether or not you were successful (or you have mixed results?)
For those of you who passed, well done! We are thrilled that you did well and are able to progress on to the new syllabus without  having to rewrite any subjects. For those of you who were not successful, we feel for you and hope that you don't become too despondent as you attempt to rewrite on the new syllabus. 
Advice for students who passed:
Students that were successful will progress on to the new syllabus. For those of you lucky enough to finish a level will skip the ICS (Integrated Case Study) for this the level you have just passed. Strategic level students will notice that there is no T4 exam to complete next? This is because you will be entering for the strategic level ICS which replaces the T4 case study exam.
The next set of subjects you will be preparing for will be examined in the form of an OT (Objective Test). These are basically computer-based and on-demand mixed multiple choice questions. You will be able to write this at any time and the results will be available immediately. 
So how should you be preparing for these? We have a range of part-time evening and weekend classes (starting in January), as well as online classroom and home study options.
What study methods you should be looking at ordering:
  • Part-time evening and weekend classes
  • Online classes
  • Home study and exam prep
  • Home study
Advice for students who were unsuccessful:
Students who failed one or more subjects will need to re-write these subjects on the new OT format. What does this mean for what you have studied before? Well we dent want this semester to have been a waste, so we highly recommend that you attend our intensive revision and our exam prep classes. We'll recap the content and give you an opportunity to really test yourself on the new format. 
Once you have passed these subjects, you will be required to complete the ICS for the level you are on. This is a test of your application and will be based on the subjects that you have completed (or been exempted from) on that level. For example, the operational level ICS will cover content P1, E1 and F1. 
What study methods you should be looking at ordering:
  • Intensive revision for the subject(s) that you failed
  • Exam prep classes before you re-write

If you have failed a subject but want to still want to pick up another subject on the same level, you should consider:

  • Part time evening and weekend classes 
  • Online classes
  • Home study and exam prep
  • Home study
Preparing for an ICS:
As some of you will have been exempted from some subjects or passed these a long time ago - you may be in need of a recap. So unless you are able to remember everything from a subject you have passed a while back, we recommend that you attend our intensive revision classes wherever you feel there is a bit of a knowledge gap.
For students who have received exemptions, you need to be aware that the ICS assumes you have passed all three subjects from that  level. So if you have been exempted from E1, you will be examined on this on the Integrated Case Study (ICS). The keyword here is "integrated". 
What study methods you should be looking at ordering:
  • Exam prep classes

  • Intensive revision (if you need a catch-up on something you have passed a long time ago or received exemptions)
General advice for all students regardless of your results:
Take a break.
No really, you need to take time to recharge the batteries and enjoy some time out. You have all worked incredibly hard this year in both your professional capacity and at home trying to balance a study / home life balance. 
So we recommend getting a quote for what you need to study in the new year, try make payment before spending this on too many Christmas presents;) and take two weeks to relax. We can pick up your studies again when we return.
We'll be closing from 24 January 2014, but will be back and ready to go from Monday 5 January 2015.
Enjoy the break and we'll see you in the new year.
P.S. Don't forget that classes are starting early next year, so please have a look at the timetable to make sure you are organised for 2015.