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Tiisetso passed all her subjects first time. Find out how she did it.


Yes, on occasion life got in the way of her studies. There were work commitments that led to missed classes, postponed exam dates, as well as a friend's wedding just a week before her Strategic Case Study exam. But with the 'best possible use' question at the forefront of her mind, Tiisetso could spend sufficient time and focus on her studies, even though it meant the occasional interruption.

With a firm commitment to invest sufficient time to complete her studies in 2017, she set out to start her journey with IBTC and CIMA.  In her own voice, Tiisetso shares her key strategies, in the belief that it will be of help to other students. Below is exactly what she did to pass first time:
Plan all study days thoroughly
As a Senior Manager in Finance, Tiisetso always understood that the decision to study would come with several challenges. Making peace with this realization allowed her to plan each day to detail. "I had a clear plan of what to cover each day and I stuck to it," says Tiisetso. 
IBTC has super flexible study options that easily fit around your life. So it is important to explore all these options and utilise what works for you at a given time. Which is exactly what Tiisetso did.  "I missed several classes but I found the e-learning material very beneficial as it allowed me to catch up at my own time. I caught up missed classes by viewing the lectures online on the IBTC portal."
Accept all the support you can get
Tiisetso leads a very busy life. "My son plays football and I also do coaching and mentoring to people. As much as it was important to learn to prioritise my time, the support from my husband, mother and sister really took some of the load off.  I also made the best decision when I chose IBTC.  Apart from warm and friendly support, their lecturers are truly remarkable."
Practise! Practise! and practise!
Tiisetso admits that she spent most of her time on mock exams provided by IBTC in preparation for her Case Study exam. "The mock exams provided a clear indication of where my knowledge gaps were, and with that I could easily revise the specific section." When studying it can sometimes be easy to get distracted by other study methods unrelated to your goal, course and tuition provider, refuse to allow yourself to get distracted.  
Trust that  IBTC will help you pass first time
IBTC  regularly gets 100% pass rates for their classes. We are so confident that our courses will get you to pass first time, that you can come back for free if they don’t.  That is the IBTC promise. Read about it on our website and trust that our staff and lecturers know what they are doing and listen to the advice you receive.  Tiisetso trusted and paid heed to the lecturers' advice (Kuda and Muzi).  "When I came through to IBTC in 2016, I had taken the decision that I was going to get my CGMA in 2017. I knew I would achieve the goal."
Believed in yourself
What really helped Tiisetso was that she could walk into the IBTC office and get the help she needed. Sometimes it was a shoulder she found in Lewis or some advice or technical guidance she got from Kuda and Muzi. "I had all the support from my family and IBTC but what got me through was an unrelenting belief that has never let me down, which is that hard work pays off." Tiisetso had her goal always before her, a clear plan in place and regularly reminded herself that she has what it takes and that all her hard work will pay off.  "It was not easy but I knew what I wanted and why." 
"I never thought I would pass all my subjects first time,” says Tiisetso.
Her advice to other students is that if your current approach isn't working, try another.