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How attending class made all the difference for Jacques and Luke

In February 2019 Jacques Vosloo and Luke Nell signed up for CIMA semester one classes with IBTC. They both share the dream of becoming a CGMA and they’ve entrusted IBTC to help them get there.

Jacques Vosloo                                                  

Jacques wrote and passed his CIMA E3 exam within 24 hours of his final lecture.

“At the beginning I planned to write within a week of my last class, but the only available date was the next day of my last class, so I changed my strategy and planned my studies with this new goal in mind," said Jacques.


As Financial Manager for CapeGate Shopping Centre, Jacques often had to overcome long work hours and numerous commitments in order to focus on his studies. He was determined not to postpone his exam however and committed to attending all his lectures and hitting the books whenever he could. In addition to this he worked hard at applying what he learnt in class everyday at work.

“This for me helped the most, yes I read my study material, worked through the online lectures from BPP and did all the Progress Tests and Mock Exams, but the real-life examples that the lecturer provided and the way that I could apply them to similar situations at work was the distinguishing factor between a pass and a fail for me,” he said
In addition to the real life examples, study material and lecture quality Jacques also really enjoyed the cookies available during class (yes, we have really good cookies!)

Luke Nell

Armed with the same goal as Jacques, Luke enrolled for BA4 at IBTC. Luke did his research before registering with IBTC and he was impressed by the fact the IBTC is the longest-standing CIMA premium partner.

“I believed there must have been a reason and once I enrolled it was clear how organised and aligned IBTC is with CIMA,” said Luke.

Luke also really enjoyed the classroom environment and working with the other students., “I found that I learnt a lot from the students in my class and it was great to have people to discuss things with. Attending class takes the loneliness out of studying.”

When asked if they had any advice for fellow students, they had the following to say:

1. Stick it out, CIMA is a road of delayed gratification. Studying can be boring, and it takes time. There is lots of missed braai's and going out, but with the education you have a better chance of building your own future. It may suck now, but you'll be thankful in time if you stick it out.
2. Never miss a class and speak up if you don't understand something.
3. Do not postpone your exam for too long. Book your exam as soon as you start studying and work towards that date.
Registration now open for Semester 2

Registration is now open for CIMA classes. Classes start 1 July for Sandton, Cape Town and Pretoria. To sign up go to and click on the Book Now button. Alternatively, you can call Robert on 0861 111 411 or email