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80% CIMA T4 pass rates

Shortly after the CIMA results are released to the CIMA students, we receive the results of our students through an official CIMA results survey. 

When we received the CIMA results from the November 2013 sitting, we were thrilled to find out that we achieved an 80% pass rate for our CIMA T4 classes in Sandton and an average of 73%. This was made even more impressive when we found out that the global average was 52%!
Other impressive results included an 87% pass rate for our Cape Town classes with the global average of 47%.
Very impressive if we don't say so ourselves:)
And while we don't always get an 80% pass rate for every subject and there are some misses - after all CIMA is a tough qualification - but we do have more success than most.
But we can't take all the credit here - we'd love to thank all of our students, lecturers and admin team for all the hard work that helped us achieve a brilliant set of pass rates.