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New CIMA 2015 syllabus

As most of you have heard by now, the CIMA syllabus has been updated for 2015. And with the syllabus being updated every five years, these changes are going to directly impact the way you plan your studies.

With the structure of the new syllabus remaining fairly unchanged, we find most of the changes with the new syllabus in the way the subjects are examined. We hope that this post gives you some sound advice on how best to plan your studies in 2014.


So what are the most significant changes to the exams?

  • All exams will now be PC based
  • More exams will be on demand - so you can sit them when you want
  • Case study / pre-seen style exams are being introduced to all levels, i.e. students will be required to complete a case study at the end of the operational, managerial and strategic levels
  • No more T4 case study

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Essentially, there will be two types of exams;
New Objective Test (OT) exams
  • On PC
  • 90 minutes long
  • Short questions, including multi-choice, multi-response, data entry, fill-in-gaps, etc.
  • Can be sat at any time – immediate results
New Integrated Case Study (ICS) exams
  • On PC
  • Three hours long
  • Long questions – similar to what we currently see in the exams
  • Questions will cover individual papers – total 100 marks
  • Will be available in quarterly exam sittings (Feb/May/Aug/Nov) – the first sitting will be in March 2015
  • Pre-seen case study same at all levels


We have some very simple advice for students who are studying in 2014

  • Students are advised to complete the level that they are on, this will mean you will 'bypass' the new case study exam for the level when they are introduced in 2015
  • Students who have completed 2 out of 3 from the same level at the time of the syllabus change may be required to also complete an ICS exam

For example; if you have completed P1 and E1 at the end of the year, you may be required to complete F1 and the operational level ICS exam. Students who complete the entire operational level will just move on to the managerial level papers and sit 3 x OT exams and 1 x managerial level ICS exam

We also don't want students to deviate too much from their original study plan this year. Take advantage of the expertise and resources that we've gathered over the past five years and write as many papers that you are comfortable with in 2014 - giving extra attention to the subjects that will allow you to complete the level you are on. 

And remember that you still need to get through 2014 and your focus should be on the May and November 2014 exams - not the new syllabus!