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IBTC students perform better. That's because no college offers more study options and no college offers more question practice.

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Attend classes with our experienced lecturers over weekends or weeknights, or study from home and access recorded lectures online. Then make sure you get enough question practice. The truth is that up to 40% of your time should be spent practicing exam-standard questions.   

IBTC students perform better because they get more question practice than anybody else.
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IBTC is an accredited CIMA global Learning Premium Partner.
Currently showing all downloads: | return to CIMA 18 February 2021 CIMA Online Classes Timetable 2021
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18 February 2021 CIMA Virtual Classes Timetable 2021
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18 February 2021 FIA Online Classes 2021
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18 February 2021 ACCA Online Classes 2021
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5 June 2020 IBTC’S Quick guide to studying CIMA
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18 February 2021 CIMA Fees 2021
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11 November 2019 CIMA E1 - Supplements

Please take note of some changes to BPP course material published before Feb 2020.  

Since publishing the new content, BPP has gained further insights into the CIMA 2019 Exam Blueprints which we wish to share with you in order for you to maximise your chance of passing first time.


BPP has produced a short supplement to your Course Book and to your Question Bank that covers some further areas of knowledge that are relevant to the E1/E2/E3 exam.  We estimate that working through these will take you approximately 2-3 hours.


Please see the following:


  • A pdf covering the additional subtopics, cross-referenced to your Course Book (for download)
  • Some practice questions on the additional subtopics (for download)


BPP has also produced additional video lectures that take you through the additional subtopics. You can view them below.

pdfE1 Supplementary questions.pdf pdfE1 Supplementary notes.pdf
11 November 2019 CIMA E2 - Supplements

BPP has produced a short supplement to your Course Book and to your Question Bank relevant to your E2 exam.  We estimate that working through these will take you approximately 2-3 hours.

pdfE2 Supplementary questions.pdf pdfE2 Supplementary notes.pdf
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