Fundamentals of Business Economics

  • Certificate Level Subject
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Entry requirements

The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting does not require a formal entry qualification. Students are expected to have a good level of mathematics and English language. Certificate level subjects can be taken in any order and must all be passed before any Operational level subjects can be attempted.

How it Works

You can start at any time, study from anywhere and set your own pace. Apart from study material and exam practice questions, you also get a Study Plan and unlimited tutor access for 3 months or until your session-based exam. Study at your own pace and in your own space. You can speed up your studies if you want to qualify quickly - no waiting for classes to begin. Or you can take it slowly if you wish.

What's included

  • Electronic Course Book and Exam Practice Kit
  • Study plan with time indicators
  • 5 progress tests or course exams and 1 mock exam
  • Unlimited access to a tutor
  • A local course monitor who checks in regularly to offer assistance and keeps you on track

BA1 - Home Study (eBooks)

Fundamentals of Business Economics

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