Advanced Performance Management

  • Pass Assured Promise
  • Strategic Professional Subject

Entry requirements

The ACCA Strategic Professional is the final level of the ACCA Professional Qualification. Before you can start, you should have an ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business or have been awarded exemptions based on a relevant accounting or business qualification.

How it Works

Every month we have an Online Course starting, led by a UK tutor and attended by students globally. You and your classmates will follow a fast-paced schedule and work your way through a series of video lectures, online practice questions and debriefs and assessments, designed to get you exam ready. Programme durations vary and you can choose between 6, 8, 10 and 13 week long programmes, depending on your own availability and time commitments. Video lectures cover 100% of the syllabus, are recordings of BPP's top lecturers and can be downloaded to your mobile phone and viewed offline. 

You can access the resources up to 2 weeks prior to the start date and use the time to browse around and explore the online platform. The start date is the date the tutor joins and when your assessment submission schedule kicks in. You will have access to your tutor, your classmates and your online resources for 6 months from the course start date or up to your exam date for sitting-based exams. Hard copy material is included (eBooks if you selected this option).

What's included

  • Study Text / Workbook and Practice & Revision Kit, delivered to your door
  • Access to eBook 
  • Online Platform
  • Full-length video lectures with 100% syllabus coverage
  • Practice questions
  • 5 progress tests
  • Online mock exam
  • Short revision videos, ideal for exam preparation
  • Forums that give you access to your tutor and classmates
  • Access to a local tutor
  • A local course monitor who checks in regularly to offer assistance and keeps you on track

APM - Online Course

Advanced Performance Management