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Danie Marais
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Danie Marais


P1 Performance Operations, Cape Town


Danie Marais

B.Com (Quantitative Management); HONS.B.Com (Business Management);
Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting 
After school I started to work in Ceres (no traffic in the countryside…so nice) and started to study full time through UNISA. After 3 years I received my B.Com degree and the big city lights of Cape Town were calling. I moved to Cape Town and worked in the retail, health and construction industry. I started as a student at IBTC, then lecturing in June 2012 and finally an employee of IBTC (the circle is now complete). Currently I am the Financial Manager at IBTC.  
Something interesting about you (your hobbies/ a message for the students/ an interesting fact about yourself): I am part of an identical twin (he is also lecturing at IBTC), when we were babies my Mother had to weigh us to identify who is who. I am (…and probably still is) the heavier (no fatter…say it like it is…) baby. 
“Never give up, never surrender” - Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story” 
“Just keep swimming” -  Dory from “Finding Nemo”