We keep telling you about our amazing National Diplomas and how you should study towards one. But, why would you even want a National Diploma? We get it, you have your questions and we have the answers. Here is what we know:

  • The National Diplomas we offer are accredited by the National Department of Education and are recognised all over the country. This means a National Diploma will get you in the door and help you unlock your future.
  • The more you learn and develop yourself through studying, the more you will earn. According to research, people with a formal Diploma can earn over R10 000 more than people with no formal education.

We could fill this whole page with reasons why a National Diploma can change your life, but we will let the newest addition to the IBTC family, Wahied Frank, tell you how his National Diploma in Business Management changed his life.

Wahied joined the IBTC team as a Student Advisor and Sales Agent in July 2019.

The dream

Wahied has always wanted to start his own business so studying Business Management was an obvious choice for him. We asked him a little about his dreams and goals and how his National Diploma is helping him to achieve them. He had the following to say,

“I need to equip myself with the right skills to reach my dream of starting my own business and making it a success. I am in no rush though. I want to learn as much as possible, work in other companies and experience how other people run their businesses before I start my own.”

Wahied wouldn’t change his decision to study Business Management for anything.

“My National Diploma has changed my life. It has made my dream of running my own business achievable. In life you need to be willing to take risks. What Business Management taught me is how to take calculated risks. If you want to succeed in life, you cannot do anything half-heartedly. My mind has been expanded. I use what I learnt during my studies every day in my current job and in life.”

Paying it forward

We asked Wahied what advice he would give to someone thinking of studying a National Diploma.

“A recognised qualification will increase your chances of getting a good job and that will change your life. A National Diploma will open doors for you especially as it is accredited by the National Department of Education. That alone makes it legit and worthy to have. Just go for it and give it your all”

Change your life and study towards a National Diploma with IBTC

Registration is now open for our National Diplomas in Business Management, Human Resource and Marketing Management. We offer National Diplomas via distance learning. To find out how a National Diploma can unlock your future speak to Wahied on 0861 111 411 or email

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