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Zoom - The classroom of the future


Face-to-face lecturer interaction and being part of an inclusive classroom environment is one of the key factors for students looking to enrol at an institution to complete their studies. Interacting with peers, in real time, is something that would have been impossible to recreate in the past without physically attending the same lecture session. 


Thanks to modern technology, and the rise of remote conferencing software such as Zoom, this same unified classroom experience can now be replicated without ever having to leave your home. As we all adapt to the new normal of social distancing, Zoom classes are shaping the future of the modern day classroom, and we’re moving with the times. 


At IBTC, we believe in constantly seeking ways to add value to the lives of our students. Instead of cancelling classes, or postponing them, we have adapted our physical classroom offering to a completely online, fully interactive digital experience. 


Our team of expert lecturers are highly skilled at utilizing Zoom software to bring you an authentic campus experience, complete with real-time lecturer interaction, the ability to ask questions throughout the session, either verbally or through a ‘Chat’ window, and being able to engage, discuss and debate with your peers - won’t miss a thing!



Zoom classrooms also have added benefits, which would not be possible to provide in a traditional classroom setting, these include: 


  1. The ability to connect with students over either video, audio, screen sharing, polling, and text chat – this completely eliminates the ‘backrow’ and ensures an inclusive and intimate learning experience for all. 
  2. The ability for students to work in smaller groups via breakout rooms. 
  3. The ability for lecturers to write directly onto documents, on your screen, when sharing. 
  4. You can finally attend lectures in your PJ’s!


In fact, our lecturers have been so effective at utilizing the Zoom platform, that we’ve seen a 13% increase in class attendance rates. 


But don’t just take our word for it, CIMA student Nteo attended a Zoom revision class hosted by IBTC and had this to say; "I would like to extend my gratitude for the P1 revision class given by Shingi on the 13th of June 2020. I took my exam on the 17th and managed to pass. This was my third attempt and that class really contributed a lot to my success.

Please continue making an impact and changing lives, it is really appreciated. Thanks for the commitment and patience that Shingi showed during the session."


The global pandemic has caused a great deal of disruption and interference in every aspect of our lives, but this shouldn’t stand between you and achieving your goals.  Now, more than ever, it is vital to have a global qualification. At IBTC our aim is to ensure that you pass successfully and as quickly as possible. The best way to do this, is to come to class. Starting from 6 July signup now and get R500 off*.


Visit IBTC CIMA classes for more information or to make a booking. Alternatively, email or call us on 0861 111 411. 


*T’s&C’s apply