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Our ICB Top Achiever - Nataski Manyika

Our ICB Top Achiever - Nataski Manyika


‘It was a juggling act having to balance being a full-time working mom with two toddlers under 2 years, being a pastor’s wife with programmes to plan, and then throwing COVID and lockdowns into the mix.’  


IBTC student, Nataski Manyika, was not short of challenges while preparing for her examinations this year. Despite this however, not only was she able to find time to study while tending to all of the above, but she also made it on to the ICB Top Achievers list by scoring over 90% for her Bookkeeping to Trial Balance exam! We are amazed at her dedication and work-ethic. We sat down with Nataski to find out exactly how she was able to do it.  


Meet Nataski Manyika, IBTC student and ICB Top Achiever.  


What is your current position & a short bit of what it entails? 


I am a Church Administrator, it entails performing basic bookkeeping, keeping track of expenses, logging of employee time sheets, leave management, staff training and management. It encompasses the role of a H.R manager, together with the overall operations of the organisation.  


What attracted you to enrol for an ICB qualification? 


I needed to possess a qualification for two reasons. 


Firstly, to function effectively and efficiently. Things are ever evolving, and I needed to gain new skills to grasp the daily tasks and concepts that correspond with my job responsibilities particularly in the finance environment. 


Secondly for self-development with the aspiration to be a Bookkeeping/Accounting Consultant. There are many ways to become an accountant and the ICB qualifications build up on one another. What also attracted me to an ICB qualification is that its internationally recognised and can offer exemptions for other qualifications e.g., ACCA or CIMA, opening you up to broader and endless career opportunities.  


How have you found your time with IBTC? Is there anything that has stood out to you? 


My time with IBTC has been very good. Being a distance student, what stands out for me is the professionalism exhibited by all staff I have encountered. They are always readily available to assist and are ever so cheerful. The tutor system works well when one needs assistance. You get a response in a good turnaround time. The courtesy call I received from Vongani when I started encouraged me as I knew IBTC was rooting for me to succeed. Their assistance did not end once the fees were paid.  


How were you able to achieve such fantastic results? 


I was able to achieve my results by equipping myself with as much knowledge about what I needed to do to get exam ready. I researched what was required regarding studying time from the study plan provided. I attempted all integration tasks without rushing to open the solutions book and made sure that I was using every minute at my disposal. When I set my mind on something I go at it with everything, so it was a matter of being disciplined and revision, revision, revision. 


 I literally meditated on the material I was studying. I wanted to fully grasp and understand the content, so studying did not end when I closed the books. Whenever I was laying down or sitting, I would think about the course concepts by going through them in my mind.  


What was the biggest challenge/challenges you’ve faced while studying? 


It was a juggling act having to balance being a full-time working mom with two toddlers under 2 years and being a Mai Mufundisi or Ma Moruti (pastor's wife) with programmes to plan. Add to that studying and throw COVID and lockdowns into the mix. Sometimes I would ask myself why I committed to studying at such a time. But I had to persevere, so it meant getting creative to make study time - burning the midnight oil, waking up in the early hours and studying before the workday began, including weekends. My husband, family and friends were a great support structure as well.  One needs a cheerleader in life for those moments you feel like giving up. 


Do you have any study tips or advice for students wanting to achieve similar results? 


It can be daunting to start studying, especially while you are working. I came across emails enquiring about this qualification in 2013 and I realised that it took me 8 years to finally commit. If you are enquiring, researching, or even reading this, it means that you are considering studying - It’s the right choice, so make a plan and start! 


The important thing is to begin. It’s never too late to commit and be disciplined. Set and stick to your study time and go the extra mile. If the study plan says at least two hours a day then add an extra hour, or two, or three. I would advise people to give themselves at least two months per subject, as it will give you time to revise and go through concepts in the study material more than once. There is nothing one can't do when they set their mind to it.  


This could be you. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. Our ICB students are regularly the top performing students in the country. To find out more about studying ICB with us, click here, or give us a call on 0861 111 411. Your future is waiting for you.