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From Debtors Clerk to Finance Manager: How Mariaan found her fit with ICB


Choosing the right qualification for you and the right college to be your study partner is an important decision to make. Once you find the right qualification and the right study partner the road to getting qualified should be much smoother.

Mariaan found IBTC and ICB at the beginning of 2017. This was after years of researching colleges and qualifications and never really finding one that felt right for her. 

“I researched a lot of colleges and I even tried going to university, but I never found the right fit. It did not feel like it was for me. I felt some of the mandatory subjects were irrelevant and were not focusing on what I wanted to learn,” says Mariaan.

One thing she was always certain of was her dream to work in the finance and accounting field.

“My family wasn’t in the position to fund my education, so I started working at a company as a receptionist/debtors clerk as soon as I completed school.  There my knowledge started growing in finance. I gained a lot of experience at my current employer and the hunger for more knowledge grew day by day. That is when I found ICB and it changed everything,” she said.

According to Mariaan, although she had been in a finance position for quite some time, she still had a big knowledge gap. She knew she was doing tasks in a certain way but didn’t quite see the bigger picture.

That is when Mariaan enrolled with IBTC in April 2017 and immediately hit the ground running. 

“I started studying in April 2017 and completed in August 2018. I know, I pushed it, but it paid off! Through my qualification I gained more confidence in myself and my work and my employer noticed it as well because studying ICB improved all my accounting skills,” says Mariaan.

IBTC support and advice to you

Mariaan is currently employed as Finance Manager for a Software Consulting company and has recently enrolled to study ACCA through IBTC.

She speaks very fondly of the support she continues to receive from #TeamIBTC and the quality resources she receives.

“The study material was the best I have ever seen. I still have my ICB books on my desk, so I can refer to them anytime I need to.” 

“The IBTC staff were extremely helpful and friendly and to this day, still are. The tutors are amazing, they root for you, contact you with reminders, never give up and check on you and your progress often. In my books, that's a 10/10,” she said.

We could not end our conversation without asking her to throw in some advice to current ICB students. This is what Mariaan has to say to you,

“If you are studying ICB, start studying long before the exam (IBTC suggests 8 weeks), take your time and practice. The study material allows for a lot of practice so use it. When the exam comes, you will fly through it. If you are cramming it in like I did, it’s very hectic so be sure to take care of yourself,” she concluded. 

Enrol with IBTC

Our ICB students are regularly the top performing students in the country. To study ICB with us go to and click on the book now button. Alternatively, you can call Robert on 0861 111 411 and he will gladly offer advice on how to get started.