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ICB 2020 changes – what lies ahead


ICB is prepped and ready to start 2020 with a bang! There are some exciting changes in place, which will affect you as an ICB distance learner. Don't be caught snoozing. Here is what you need to know.
Exam timetable:
Currently, the ICB distance learning timetable and classroom timetables are separate. In 2020 however these will be combined. That’s right, you only need to check one timetable.
According to ICB, classroom dates are indicated in the blue and yellow columns while distance learning dates are indicated with an asterisk listed in the yellow columns.
PoE assignments:
ICB is going digital! You will no longer receive your PoE via courier. In 2020 you will rather download your PoE from the student portal. Keep in mind though that you will still need to complete you PoE offline and hand it to the invigilators with your exam question and answer book.
Rewrite format:
The rewrite format will be different in 2020. Currently you do not need to redo your PoE when rewriting an exam, but in 2020 you MUST redo your PoE in order to rewrite.  
The 2020 exam dates are out. You do not have to wait for the start of 2020 to plan your ICB studies. We can get you exam ready in just 4 months. Be ahead of the game and start now.
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