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IBTC values Remarkable Service: Ange's story

Premy phoned me in a panic. She accidentally booked for the wrong ACCA exam, so her study material and her exam didn't match. She was in a flat panic and unsure what to do. You can't change your ACCA exam once it's booked and you can't really return books once you've used them. Sarah decided to phone her college to see how we can help her.

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"I could hear the panic in her voice. And I just wanted to help her," says Angie, our student's favourite support person at IBTC. "I knew we needed to get her books swopped out as soon as possible, but a courier was too expensive for her and she couldn't return the books herself due to work commitments. I did some research and discovered Premy works close to where my husband works," says Angie.

She took Premy's new books home and asked her husband to collect the study material from Premy and give her the right material.  "He knows Remarkable Service is important to me, so he was happy to help. The student was elated. As for my husband, he's happy when I'm happy, off course," Ange explains with a laugh in her voice.

Every day Ange looks for ways to delight students. She lives the IBTC value of Remarkable Service.

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