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Come to our Open Day. All questions answered.

Attendees on the day can look forward to valuable information about how to get started and expert advice on how to pass first-time and progress faster with your studies.  Our open days are a perfect opportunity to explore our campuses, meet fellow students and lecturers and get inside information on the course of your choice. If you are interested in getting a head-start on your 2019 studies, don’t miss this opportunity. All you have to do is show up and we shall take care of the rest.
Here is what to look forward to on the day:
Getting started with IBTC

Student support is one of our highest priorities and we are certain that this remains one of  the biggest reason why we have such high pass rates in our courses. Our approach is simple. Our courses are designed to give students the best chance of a first-time pass. In addition to this, we walk the road with you. We are always here to offer assistance, support and encouragement.

How to pass your Case Study exam

Since the new CIMA syllabus introduced Case Study exams at all levels, IBTC has consistently been delivering remarkable pass rates. We often find our students in the global top 10. We will share our trade secrets with you and show you how to tackle your exam.
Expert advice on how to plan your studies for 2019
Our student advisors, lecturers and CIMA graduates will be available throughout the day to give advice on how to best tackle your studies and get a head-start on 2019.
How to complete a level in a year
Many of our CIMA students ask if it is possible to complete a level in one year. You can and we’ll show you how to do it.
Book a front-row seat today
Book your spot today. If you’ve already reserved your place, that’s great! You've made an excellent choice and you're off to a good start. We can't' wait to see you on the day!

To find out more about the day or to book your place go to or contact Robert at or call him on 0861 111 411.