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T4 replaced and what to prepare for instead

 As you all know the CIMA syllabus has changed. One of the key changes is that there is no more T4 (Part B) or TOPCIMA exam. Instead this has been ‘absorbed’ through an ICS (Integrated Case Study) exam at each level. So this means that you will write a case study exam at the end of each level.

Each level will require you to complete three OTs (Objective Tests) for each paper and an ICS for that level. The introduction of an ICS at each level allows CIMA to test both your subject knowledge and application at each level. 
Upon completing the strategic level OTs and ICS you will then submit your PER(Practical Experience Requirements).  
How they compare


T4 Examination

Integrated Case Study


Twice a year (unless PC written)

Exams available four times a year(Feb, May, Aug and Nov) 


Two part exam:


Requirement (a) – Prepare a report that prioritises, analyses and

evaluated the issues facing the company and make appropriate



Requirement (b) – Communication skills test, such as slides for

presentation, email, a letter and charts or graphs

The exam is a computer based exam broken into sections which have set time allocations based on the tasks set.


‘Trigger' information, is presented at various points throughout the exam. The tasks you are given will require you to incorporate the trigger information and will include short answers and essays in differing formats. For example, an email response to a detailed report.



Operational, management and strategic levels


3 hours plus 20 min reading time

3 hours

Pass mark